About Goldtreat

The scientific evidence of how tissue cells cause the release of small amounts of gold ions from metallic gold Berlock® implants is the principal on which the Goldtreat concept is built. Apart from the academic research taking place at the universities, the Goldtreat clinics will collect and study the results of ongoing clinical treatments to constantly improve the concept.

The Goldtreat name and Logo is the pet owner’s guarantee, that this treatment is performed with the best and most up to date implants available, and that the treatment is performed using a proven standardised technique.

Local Gold Treatment by the Goldtreat Clinic Concept is performed by Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics in several countries. Since July 2005 where the treatment started at Clinics in Denmark and Austria, it is now offered at clinics also in Belgium, Norway and Sweden. These clinics are the first in Europe that can offer this treatment to pets.

All the Clinics taking part have followed the Goldtreat training programme and have been comprehensively instructed in the treatment principles. Participating clinics will continue to be involved in the Goldtreats further education programme, and they will be the first to receive updated information regarding research developments in this new area of treating inflammation, where a extensive research is taking place. In Denmark this research is centred around research based at the Universities of Aarhus and Aalborg in Denmark.

Goldtreat ApS, April 2006