Client testimonials

Helle T. Svenstrup

Over a period of a couple of years my Cavalier King Charles spaniel – William - had had a “silly walk”. Sometimes he was lame on one front leg, and when treated with pain relieving drugs he became instantly better.
BUT in March 2004 he rejected to walk down the stairs one morning. I had to carry him and he refused to walk. Off to see the vet, who found him to be depressed and that he was screaming, when his hips were manipulated. The day before he had been running with my horses, and maybe been more active than usual. William had an X-ray exam, and arthritis in both hip joints was diagnosed. The reason for his worsening was meant to be acute flare of inflammation due to increased activity.
He was treated with pain relieving drugs and became better. Off drugs he became worse and it was decided to treat him by Local Gold treatment.
He had his gold treatment late November 2004 and has since been doing fine. Since I myself suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, I am fully aware how important it is for quality of life to be pain free, and it is my clear impression, that William is pain free.

Helle Thomsen
Svenstrup, Denmark

Else G. – Hurup Thy

October 2005
Samson, our beautiful male Golden retriever 10 years of age, injured his right knee a couple of years ago. During spring of 2005 he started to be lame, from time to time 3-legged and had difficulties getting up after lying down. We also felt, that it was difficult for him to get out from our car.
We contacted the vet at Aalborg Small Animal Hospital, who previously had performed surgery on his knee, and it was found that he now had developed arthritis, and it was suggested, that Local Gold treatment should be done.
The treatment was done July 2005, in full anaesthesia, and Samson was dismissed from the hospital the same day. The first two weeks we kept him on a leash.
A few days later his gait had improved, and after 3 weeks we stopped giving hin drugs for painrelief. He was allowed to run freely, and it went above our expectations. He did not limb. He has not had any side effects from the treatment.
Today 3 months later he is doing well. He jumps in and out from the car, play with his friends, chase cats and can manage long walks, all this without sowings signs of lameness. As a secondary rewards for us, we now see him doing all the silly things, that he did before he was bothered by his arthritis.

Else Gramstrup
Hurup, Thy, Denmark

LG, Dog Behaviourist and human Psychologist

Karlsson is a 6½ year old German shepherd suffering from multiple spondylotic lesions in his back. Pain could arise very suddenly, and when having these pain attacks he could not walk properly on his hind legs. After having received Local Gold Treatment where 20 Berlock Gold Implants (gold spirals) were implanted, no signs of pain have been seen. He seems relieved and has taken up his old habit of chasing birds.
Not a day passes by, where I am not joyful about his condition and my decision of having him treated.
LG, Dog Behaviourist and human Psychologist.