The First International Goldtreat seminar indeed was a success.

We had a full day of good lectures on arthrosis in dogs and cats perfectly presented by Duncan Lascelles - if he will be lecturing at a venue near your clinic, do yourself the favor to attend. Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen of Aalborg University, according to Duncan Lascelles one of the top experts worldwide on pain research, presented pain generation in muscles and joints so we all could follow, a high class lecture.

The three French Goldtreat partners Laurent Guenego, Jean Luc Chatre and Francois Fauqeaux presented their aspects on Goldtreat implant with Berlock implants in a fusion of the traditional Goldtreat approach and orthopedic surgery - very thought awakening.

Socially the meeting was also a success. We enjoyed good company and friendship between 28 colleagues from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium , France and USA. Amazing.