Berlock Micro Implants

Goldtreat deliver apart from Berlock Implants (BI) also Berlock Micro Implants (BMI). Berlock Micro Implants is the "New Generation Implants" developed particularly for use in horses, but now also widely used in treating small animals and in humans. The BMI gold particles are delivered in a vial. Each vial contains 20 mg 24 carat 20-40 micron sized gold particles, equivalent to approximately 72.000 99,99% pure gold particles. The vials are heat sterilized. The gold particles must be suspended in hyaluronic acid (HA) before use.

Osteoarthritis (Arthritis, Osteoarthrosis) is a complex disease and affects all tissues of the synovial joint. In the disease progression there is increased degradation of extracellular matrix of articular cartilage leading to release of inflammatory mediators and degradative enzymes contributing to further degenerative and inflammatory changes. IL-1, TNF and IL-6 are important mediators. Synovitis is a significant element and the synovium is a key tissue in nociception in affected joints. It has therefore been speculated that if goldimplants could be placed in the synovium the effect could be enhanced. This is achieved by intraarticular placing of the micro implants and the reason for choosing HA is, that the fluid must have high viscosity to achieve an even distribution of the BMI in the suspension and also since HA is formulated for intra-articular injection.

Due to the minute size of the gold particles the suspension can be injected intra articularly.

Goldtreat ApS
August 2018